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Our seminars allow you to cover groups of people at once. They are ideal for covering general concepts such as Team Building, Customer Service, Communication as well as the fundamental ideas related to building and running an organization. Seminars occur in one of three different formats. To find out more about how our seminars can help your company click here.

Seminar Series

These are a four or five day series of seminars which cover a sequence of subjects leading to a deeper understanding of organization fundamentals such as The Components of Competence series. Theses series can be delivered onsite or at a central location and can be by themselves or as part of a larger service package.


One or Two-Day Seminars

These seminars are interactive training workshops that cover a specific subject and bring about an exact skill. Training in interpersonal Communication, etc. for Sales, Managerial or Customer Service staff can be delivered onsite or at a central location to cover larger companies. These workshops can be delivered as themselves or included in more comprehensive service packages. 

Introductory Seminars

These are usually one hour seminars covering a specific topic such as The Law of Relationships, Operating Conditions in Business and Life andHow to achieve your goals. These seminars can be delivered on site at a low per attendee cost.